The Low Anthem deluxe press

The Low Anthem deluxe press

The Low Anthem have a new LP out in a couple of weeks, it's called Eyeland. It is already being released on limited transparent amber vinyl, but the band have done us a serious solid here... we have one (of only TEN for the whole of Europe) super deluxe pressing to give away.

This hyper limited, un-buyable version is;

* Limited edition, numbered, black on gold jacket silkscreened by the band themselves, no two are the same.

* 180 gram black vinyl test pressing

* Wildflower seed-paper download card (bury, water, enjoy)

* Hand drawn Eyeland map from Eyeland travel and leisure bureau

* Super attractive band portrait shot on large format classic hood style camera.

* Handwritten note from the band containing wisdom and prognostication.

We've got a first edition screen printed version of Oh My God, Charlie Darwin at home from a few years back and I tell you what... these guys know how to screen!

Preorder Eyeland now and we'll draw a lucky winner on week of release.


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