Lewis. A tale of love and romantic times

The Light in the Attic label have the habit of releasing earworms. Historical earworms, the kind of albums that have been lost in the shelves of record collectors and storage boxes that should never have been out of the public conscious. You can look at previous examples in their catalogue with artists like Donnie & Joe Emerson, Michael Chapman, Michael Hurley and most famously (perhaps) the Rodriguez albums all finding a new audience.

This year we have been really enjoying the recorded work of Lewis. Back in May the releases notes were along the lines of; In 1983, a man named Lewis recorded an album named 'L’Amour', which was released on the unknown label RAW And that’s about all they know. Since then speculation, examination and detective work has joyfully brought the amazing conclusion that the man (Randall Wulff) is alive and well. Yesterday LITA posted an elated blog item titled Lewis Found! - It has all the markings of one of their 'better than fiction' stories and today at the shop we've been talking no end about the record, the man and the myth.

In September we will have the rerelease of 'Romantic Times', the 1985 follow-up to 'L’Amour', this time credited to Lewis Baloue. We've only just heard it but it really delivers (more post-disco/dance leaning) and locks Lewis as an iconic and mysterious figure.

Come take a listen, get caught up in the hypnotic world of Lewis.


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