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Crash The Party

Crash The Party

There’s a party on 4th of July, and you’re not invited. It’s time to Crash The Party! Register to vote and make YOUR voice heard in the most important vote in decades.

Milkshakes and National Service aside, you will have seen the news and you will all be well aware that Thursday 4th is a general election. For many of you, this will be the first time you can participate and we just can’t articulate how important it is that you get involved. If you are aged 21 or under, there is every chance you are now on the fourth Prime Minister that you didn’t vote for, in a country that has been cut out of the EU - which you were not asked about - paying more tax than ever to a political cabal to do with as they choose without your voice... This is seriously grim.

For once, Drift are not telling you how we think you should vote or how much we despise certain figures, we are just telling you that you have to vote. If you are too young to have done so before or you are too disenfranchised to have been involved historically, we need you and we need your voice.

You need to register. You need to be prepared and you need to vote. The future can be different, so get involved and crash the party!

Key Dates

18th June
Voter Registration Deadline.
Register to vote by 11:59pm on 18 June 2024 here.

26th June
Voter ID Application Deadline. All information here.

4th July
Turn up to Vote and bring you ID with you. Find your polling station here.