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DIIV, La Luz, Warrington-Runcorn…, Mui Zyu, Caoilfhionn Rose, Machinedrum and Gastr del Sol.

Records of the Week

DIIV, La Luz, Warrington-Runcorn…, Mui Zyu, Caoilfhionn Rose, Machinedrum and Gastr del Sol.

Quite possibly everything you could need for an extra long weekend.

Without any disrespect at all, we had no idea how much we were looking forward to the return of Brooklyn rock band DIIV. Frog In Boiling Water is the first LP in over five years and it is really really good, dense walls of melancholy and jangling guitars. Zachary Cole Smith sounds fantastic, a powerful and murky centre point for the crashing waves of sound. A disaffected and gnarled Record of the Week and one you absolutely won’t want to miss.

+ Available on Exclusive Spring Green colour vinyl.

We also just got hold of a restock on the band’s splendid Oshin album.

Our favourite concrete synthesist Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan returns on Castles in Space this week with the all-new Your Community Hub. This latest set features electronic ruminations about the centres designed to facilitate communities five minutes from any home. Again, really evocative stuff that is as pensive as it is haunting and weirdly optimistic. We will also shortly have copies of the limited A Shared Sense Of Purpose 12” (including a Vince Clarke Remix) landing as well.

+ Available on Clear / Cream and Purple Splatter colour vinyl
La Luz
Seattle rock and roll soothers La Luz release News of the Universe this week on Sub Pop, their fifth LP. It’s an album of evolution, with lineup changes and reflection on 12+ years as a band. They still have an exotic swagger, a hazed psychedelia with plenty of yearning and production that oozes across the stereo. Really great stuff.

+ Available on “LUZER” Edition Neon Orange colour vinyl.

Nothing Or Something To Die For is the second album from Mui Zyu (Hong Kong British artist Eva Liu). Her voice is great, a sort of hushed but sweet stream of consciousness. Experimental pop with loads of surprises and some gorgeously sedate vibes.

+ Available on Glow In The Dark Vinyl with an exclusive signed print

Caoilfhionn Rose (her name is pronounced “Keelan” by the way as we have had some amazing “cacao-i-phone” attempts in the shop) returns on Gondwana Records with the really stunning Constellation. Quite ethereal stuff, graceful jazz cinematics and her voice is absolutely sublime. Really graceful and filling the space without ever feeling like she’s trying.

+ Available on limited and exclusive Clear vinyl.

Two new - and very different - Dinked Editions in the racks this week. Firstly, Field Of Heads is the first new LP in some 24 years from UK post-punk trailblazers Billy Mahonie. It’s super smart with all sorts of knotty parts, but they deftly avoid ever sounding over-fussy.

We also had the great pleasure of working with Travis Stewart on 3FOR82, his excellent new LP as Machinedrum. It’s really full of life; a trip through base music, hip hop, jazz and R&B. Great guests too, it really has a flow.

Both are limited but in stock now.
Gastr del Sol

Another one to flag is Rowena Wise’s Senseless Acts Of Beauty on Dalliance. We’ll be shipping those next week but it’s such a great record so don’t go missing her.

Also this week. Paul Weller returns with 66 and he really does sound fantastic, a smooth soul vocal with vulnerability and honesty, great stuff. Andrew Bird (and Trio) are in really fine voice on Sunday Morning Put-On, a collection of jazz standards. Guitarist Bill MacKay returns to Drag City with Locust Land and he cuts a loose vibe, really feeling this one. Super producer Vegyn releases the pretty-spectacular The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions. Meticulously crafted, the sound design is hugely impressive, as is the absolutely wild Origami fold out sleeve!

Lastly this week, Jim O’Rourke and David Grubbs have compiled a new archival album of Gastr del Sol music. I guess this should technically be on the reissues mailer, but as we hadn’t heard any of it, this is new to us and highly recommended, so here we go. We Have Dozens of Titles gathers previously uncollected studio work and unreleased live recordings. Loads of styles and textures, all united by thrilling experimental energy. This one is really an album to get lost in across its six sides.

Reissues this week include double Danger Mouse & Jemini, David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, the Fania All Stars, John Coltrane and an essential Congolese funk hit with Verckys et L’Orchestre Vévé.