Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green

One of the most beautiful albums that we’ve ever heard; Green doesn’t just create a mood, it is an entire world of serenity and imagination.

Originally released in 1986, GREEN is one of new-age pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura’s most well-loved recordings. The album holds a set of hugely evocative compositions recorded at his home studio, created as a contrast to the busy city life of Tokyo’s metropolis. Known for his sound design and environmental music (kankyō ongaku), GREEN is a beautiful example of Yoshimura’s unhurried and slowly evolving, long-form ambience and immersive synthesiser ruminations.
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green
The work isn’t necessarily meant to be seen as a colour, but rather - as Yoshimura explained in the original liner notes - used to convey “the comfortable scenery of the natural cycle known as GREEN”. The sonic landscapes are somewhere and nowhere, warm and soothing swells that recall traditional music and also a sort of mid-eighties urban science fiction.
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green
Barely known outside of his home country during his lifetime, the late Japanese ambient-music pioneer Hiroshi Yoshimura has seen his global stature rise steadily in the past few years. This recent pressing is available on a sub-label called Water Copy, brought to you by the heads at Light In The Attic and specifically devoted to the Japanese ambient producer's work. The reissue is made up of the album's original mix, which originally only appeared on the Japanese vinyl release of the record and was Yoshimura's preferred version. A later edition appeared in the US on CD with subtle remixes and sound effects. Beautiful all the same, but this is where it’s at.
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green

GREEN is such a contemplative 43 minutes. Hypnotic in its looping rhythms and also tranquil with broad and expansive tones. A truly beautiful soundtrack to wherever your mind settles.

Drift Sunday Classic

• First ever reissue of this groundbreaking ambient work
• Produced in full cooperation with Yoshimura’s estate
• Remastered for vinyl and pressed at RTI
• Unseen original handwritten track notes by Yoshimura
• Available on either Black or “Clear/Green Swirl” colour vinyl.


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