Drift Sunday Digest: 28th March 2021

Drift Sunday Digest: 28th March 2021

Whatever time you think it is when you're reading this, welcome to Sunday!

Hello, Friends.

We're starting off this week's cultural avenues with an absolutely brilliant read about Mi’gmaq folk singer, poet and director Willie Dunn on the BandCamp website. Light In The Attic are releasing Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies: The Willie Dunn Anthology this forthcoming week(ish) and it's one we've been looking forward to for ages. His "I Pity the Country" remains a thrilling opening to LITA's Native North America (Vol. 1) compilation and this new comprehensive deep-dive into his work and career really is superb.

"To honor someone like Willie Dunn, you have to put in a lot of work, this isn’t a simple playlist and a couple quick interviews" 

Find out more about the man and get ready to have him on loop.

BandCamp | The Story of Trailblazing Indigenous Folk Singer Willie Dunn [Read More]
Shop | Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies [Shop Now]
Pitchfork | "(this) brilliant and troubling anthology" [Read More]

Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth

We were very sad to learn late last week that actress Jessica Walter had died. Although she had a long and very celebrated career, we only really knew her well for one role - the drunk, cruel and delicious Lucille Bluth - one of television's most amazing characters and iconic performances.

If you've never had opportunity to watch Arrested Development, we implore you to do so (it's all on Netflix). It is the finest ensemble ever, each character is more damaged and wonky than the next, but perhaps all held together best by Jessica Walter's matriarch.

The first couple of series in particular are so smart and just hysterical. RIP... Mother.

AV Club | Jessica Walter had a rare Hollywood career [Read More]
The Atlantic | What Made Lucille Bluth So Funny [Read More]
The Guardian | Lucille Bluth was the role Jessica Walter was born to play [Read More]
Empire Magazine | Reactions [Read More]

Piano Day

Tomorrow (Monday) is the 88th day of the year, which means Piano Day!

Piano Day - an annual worldwide event founded by a group of likeminded people - takes place on the 88th day of the year because of the number of keys on the instrument being celebrated. We've already heard of three super exciting things being announced tomorrow, keep an eye on the Drift socials for limited events and some album announcements.

"Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener." - Nils Frahm

Events | www.pianoday.org
Soundcloud | 2020 Piano Day Playlist [Listen Now]

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

- Drift


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