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Goat Girl, Bored At My Grandmas House, Peggy Gou, Marina Allen, Bonny Light Horseman, Actress, EELS and Beings.

Records of the Week

Goat Girl, Bored At My Grandmas House, Peggy Gou, Marina Allen, Bonny Light Horseman, Actress, EELS and Beings.

Beautiful voices and fantastic production, three Dinked Editions and some freak-outs too!

Our first record of the Week for June is Below The Waste, the new album from Goat Girl. Reinvigorated and reformatted as a trio, the band worked to co-produced the album with John Spud Murphy (Lankum & black midi) and they really have created a fuzzed-out treasure here. There is a lot of subtlety and it very much flows as an album of hypnotic tones, but the knotty songs are a lot more experimental each time you revisit.

Below The Waste is one of three new Dinked Editions released this week and we’ve just popped our last few copies in stock.
He back! The inimitable Actress returns with Statik, his first for Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound. Although the beat making and production remains pin sharp, there are some gloriously ambient sections that flow and evolve. Not without darkness too, it's such immersive and atmospheric stuff.

+ Available on limited Clear vinyl.

Our second release this week under the Dinked banner is Show & Tell from Bored At My Grandmas House. We have long been fans of Leeds-based Amber Strawbridge and this really is a great record, full of nuanced and smartly emotional songs with pop hooks.

+ Available as a limited Dinked Edition.

Our third Dinked release landing in the racks is The Start Of The End from London psychedelic space-rock band The Oscillation. They blast right out of the meditatives with warped guitar tones.

+ Available as a limited Dinked Edition.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Marina Allen returns with the graceful and yearning Eight Pointed Star. Simple but lush arrangements and her voice is mint. A good one, this.

The collaborative trio Bonny Light Horseman - Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson, and Josh Kaufman - return this week with the free-following new Keep Me on Your Mind/See You Free LP. Without directly sounding like anything, it has an old hue to it as they build up the euphoria.

+ Available on limited double Pink & Sky Blue colour vinyl.
Drift Records
Guys, it’s EELS TIME! Eels return with their 15th studio album and they sound fantastic, especially E vocally. It’s never as cut and dry as ‘happy or sad’ and this album is drenched in sweet melancholy and euphoria with shadows. We’ve done a few full plays and it’s one we keep spinning. Warm vibes.

+ Available on Translucent Neon Pink colour vinyl.

XL Recordings release I Hear You, the long-awaited kaleidoscopic debut from Peggy Gou. She takes a wide range of 90’s dance music tones and really goes off-chart with them. Slick, ambitious and high gloss.

+ Available on limited Blue colour vinyl.

Liz Lawrence returns this week with Peanuts, her first release with Chrysalis Records. The production is really fantastic, really tight and pop leaning, but with loads of hooks, humour and drive. Another of the week’s excellent vocal performances too!

+ Available on Yellow colour vinyl

Angélica Garcia releases her new Gemelo album this week on Partisan Records and it really does have its own sound. Shiny pop maximalism with rich Hispanic influences.

+ Available on limited Clear vinyl with signed prints

Also this week… High pop queen Charli XCX returns with BRAT and it definitely has bounce. She really is way out there on her own. We have a limited ‘Clear Pink Splatter’ vinyl pressing. Timothy Showalter’s Strand of Oaks return on Western Vinyl with their eight studio LP, Miracle Focus. A spiritual uplifter. We have signed prints on this one too! Philadelphia’s experimental rockers Man Man return on Sub Pop with Carrot On Strings.
Lastly this week, a supergroup that has gotten us properly hot under the collar. Beings are the combined forces of Zoh Amba, Steve Gunn, Shazad Ismaily & Jim White and their debut There Is A Garden on No Quarter is a right thriller. Sections of psychedelia that crackle and erupt into full on squawks and thrashes. They make a right din and really go somewhere with it and that really makes for quite the trip. Highly recommended.

Reissues this week include Alice Coltrane’s iconic A Monastic Trio, TOPS and Margo Guryan’s Words and Music.