Just say, “Hey, Drifti”

Just say, “Hey, Drifti”

Join Drifti™ in shaping the future of record shopping technology.

The future is here today, in the present! Drift has always been about pioneering and innovative ways to sell you records and today we are delighted to announce that our much-loved driftrecords.com website has totally been rebuilt on the very latest, open source AI technology. No more hours wasted browsing and making tiresome informed decisions, all you have to do is log on now via a smartphone browser and say “Hey, Drifti”...
Hey, Drifti

Drifti™ is listening to you and your needs 24/7 and is able to use your order history, shipping addresses and even payment details to place orders for you in the most streamlined way based on what it knows you will most want and when. Using a state of the art combination of your browser cookies and your social media profiles in combination with access to your photographs and contacts, Drifti™ might even know you better than you know yourself!
Hey, Drifti

You are being listened to.

But it’s not just the selling of the records, the customer service department and the entire way we process orders has totally changed. Not only can Drifti™ place orders on your behalf at lightning quick pace, Drifti™ will now be the voice you speak to on the phone and the representative answering your emails. We are transforming work and creativity with this supercharged AI mega-brain.

So what are you waiting for, just say… “Hey, Drifti!”


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