Records of the Week: Deliluh, Kelly Lee Owens, Sam Slater, Kelley Stoltz, Sinead O'Brien and The Utopia Strong.

Records of the Week: Deliluh, Kelly Lee Owens, Sam Slater, Kelley Stoltz, Sinead O'Brien and The Utopia Strong.

Well, it’s a right stonker of a week.
Read on and we’ll tell you all about it.

Hello, Friends. 

A really excellent week of new releases, with three exclusive Dinked Editions hitting the new release racks. You'll be glad to know that we have kept back some copies of all three.

Firstly - and our Record of the Week - is the absolutely belting Fault Lines LP from (Toronto-founded) post-punks Deliluh. Absolutely dripping in the same dark energy as Preoccupations/Women/Faux Fur/Chad VanGaalen, so firmly up our street. The band, now a duo of Kyle Knapp and Julius Pedersen, relocated to Europe from their Toronto base and this new album really is a cracker. Industrial clunks, cinematic chills, whispered vocals and abrasive clatters, it's both expansive and claustrophobic. We are seriously into this.

Whisper it, but Sam Slater's I Do Not Wish To Be Known As A Vandal might well be our most impressive looking Dinked release to date! His work as producer and musical sound designer for Joker and Chernobyl are good touchstones here, huge scores and drones that build and collapse with some absolutely amazing tones. This really is a trip, a proper listening experience. 

And completing the triplet, Kelley Stoltz returns with The Stylist and becomes one of only a handful of Double Dinked Edition artists. Without totally abandoning his '60s pop sounds and '80s new wave hues, this is as psychedelic as he's sounded before and the sunshine bangers are just rife for the summer cruising playlist.

Drift Record Shop

LP.8 is the epic third album from Kelly Lee Owens. Working with Norwegian avant-noise artist Lasse Marhaug, it has the same dense layers as her previous work, but whereas those albums floated ethereally, the tone here is much harder and much more industrial.

+ Indie Shop LPs are pressed on Clear colour vinyl.
+ Standard LPs are pressed on white colour vinyl. 

Sinead O'Brien's debut LP Time Bend and Break The Bower is released this week on Chess Club. She's such a captivating force, proper dark energy and it's a really smart set of new space in post punk.

+ Indie Shop LPs are pressed on Clear colour vinyl.

Ultraviolet Battle Hymns and True Confessions is the new LP from California's much-loved The Dream Syndicate. The album is their fourth overall since re-forming—equalling their ’80s output. Vintage Krautrock, sun shining psychedelia and some lush ambience. 

+ Indie Shop LPs are pressed on Transparent Violet colour vinyl.

Rocket Recordings release International Treasure, the new LP from kosmiche voyageurs The Utopia Strong, the combined forces of Steve Davis, Kavus Torabi and Mike York. Some really lush headspaces.

+ The LP formats are both due in a couple of weeks.

Prime WICK Records action this week and a shimmering eponymous new album from a voice that we really like. Michael Rault is a revivalist for sure, but pulls it off without any sentimentalism and the new LP is a proper joy or rich analogue hues.

+ Indie Shop LPs are pressed on Blue Galaxy colour vinyl.


Also this week;

The Range returns on Domino with the moody and rave-infused Mercury. We have the hugely atmospheric Every moment, Everything You Need from Deserta, some really lush haze going on. Dan Bejar returns as Destroyer with Labyrinthitis on Bella Union. New Mythology is the new LP from previous Mercury Prize-nominee Nick Mulvey, includes a very limited Orange colour vinyl pressing. Tampa rap duo They Hate Change release Finally, New on Jagjaguwar. American Football return with a limited Eco Mix vinyl 10" containing new track Rare Symmetry and a cover of Mazzy Star’s classic 'Fade Into You'. Laibach return with their brand new album WIR SIND DAS VOLK, the music from the band’s political theatre production Wir Sind das Volk (We are the People), which premiered at HAU (Berlin) in 2020.

Delighted to report that Baxter Dury's Mr. Maserati is en route and will be shipping soon. A great collection! In the same boxes we're expecting The Parrots excellent Dos (on Marbled vinyl) and Mattiel's Georgia Gothic, delighted to get all three on the stereo and into the racks.

Reissues to chat about soon too, including; Elton John, David Sylvian, Saharan WhatsApp, Neneh Cherry and Portico Quartet.

Oh my word, just as we were about to hit send, we've had Next Time Could Be Your Last Time – the debut album by Forgiveness - land! The combined forces of Jack Wyllie, JQ and Richard Pike, proper new-age jazz/electronic bliss. We'll have to talk more about this one!

- Drift


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