Records of the Week: Georgia, Cosmic Neighbourhood, Dot Allison, Beverly-Glenn Copeland, Daniel Rossen, Jessy Lanza and Aphex Twin.

Records of the Week: Georgia, Cosmic Neighbourhood, Dot Allison, Beverly-Glenn Copeland, Daniel Rossen, Jessy Lanza and Aphex Twin.

Loads of this week weaves between dreamy and pounding. We’re feeling the trip.

Hello, Friends.

Out this week and just absolutely desperate for a little peep of sunshine is Georgia’s blastin’ new Euphoric LP, our July Record of the Month. It marks the first time that Georgia has worked alongside an outside producer on her own music, co-producing with Rostam (pop superstar producer and founding member of Vampire Weekend). All good vibes.

You can read a little more about it here. We also have just a pinch of the very limited Amethyst colour vinyl edition in an exclusive Mirrorboard sleeve.

Our Record of the Week for the last time in July is the gorgeous Gatherings from Cosmic Neighbourhood, the musical alias of York-based illustrator and musician Adam Higton. Lo-fi, home-spun and totally out-there electronic meditations that sound like mushrooms popping out of hand cut paper grass. The slow builds that ebb and flow are just lush. Analogue woozes with charm in abundance. It’s a really gorgeous pastoral headspace and a trip that gets the Drift ★★★★★ approval.

+ Pressed on Orange vinyl and available as a very limited special edition to include a hand personalised edition of the 7" Trees EP.

Cosmic Neighbourhood

Former One Dove singer and songwriter Dot Allison releases the absolutely lush Consciousology this week on Sonic Cathedral. It is hazy and psychedelic, but also beautifully precise and swooping, with the London Contemporary Orchestra sounding quite ethereal. Andy Bell from Ride joins her on a couple of tracks and Hannah Peel arranged those stirring strings too.

+ Available as a limited Dinked Edition. Pressed on "Flax Flower” Blue colour vinyl, with alt sleeve art and a signed print.

How about this, The Ones Ahead is the first album in some twenty odd years from cult composer Beverly-Glenn Copeland. It is all hugely poignant stuff, totally driven by hope. There is a vulnerability to his voice, but also such power in its honesty. We say inimitable a fair bit on our newsletters, but this is a stirring new collection that sounds older yet also entirely like himself and no one else.

+ Available on limited Curacao colour vinyl.

Daniel Rossen (of Grizzly Bear) is one of the most under-rated writers and voices around. Absolutely. His You Belong There LP from last year was just gorgeous, and to celebrate it, he made a very no-frills tour playing it live acoustically. This week, Warp release a live album that captures him in full flow at Pioneertown & Santa Fe as part of the tour. It really is mesmerising stuff.

Love Hallucination is the return of pop maverick Jessy Lanza with a glorious new LP for Hyperdub. There is such club-ready energy, the production really shimmers and makes for an enthralling listen. Vocally she floats, a sort of yearning and very human centre point to the whirling pops and bangs. We love this one already.

Also this week we have the big return of Dexys with The Feminine Divine. A mixture of the fragile and the pop banger. Includes an exclusive Purple colour vinyl pressing. Frontier's Edge is the fiery, energetic and bold new EP from Staten Island soul band The Budos Band. This one includes an Opaque Lime colour vinyl pressing. Rotate is the debut from Co-Pilot, the collaborative new project from Jim Noir and Leonore Wheatley (International Teachers of Pop / The Soundcarriers). Pop with wooze, it’s really good this one.

Non-Stop Healing Frequency
is the new solo LP from Ruth Mascelli of the excellent Special Interest and this one really does have some special vibes going on. Moody electronic washes with little gestures the dip and spike into industrial noises and hallucinogenic meditations. Another one that we’ve fast become very taken with.

Lastly this week is the much-hyped return of Aphex Twin with the Blackbox Life Recorder 21f / in a room7 F760 EP. The four track release is pretty dystopian. Dark and quiet sister drones, building into frenetic and anxiety pumping beats. Sonically there is much to marvel at as he builds up hugely-affecting tones, but this is far from easy listening folks. The packaging on the 12” really is innovative, a 6 panel fold out anamorphic diorama. There is also an augmented reality app to really fly off into the ether. Wild.

In the shop now, but we don’t have all that many.

- Drift


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