The answer is that it's everyday, right?

The answer is that it's everyday, right?

It's nearly Record Store Day; but today, like every day, it's the perfect day to visit a record shop. Today.

Well, dear reader, we are counting down the hours now until the first part of this year's Record Store Day. Drop One... Drops on Saturday. If you are coming in-person, you can read How Record Store Day is going to work at Drift. On Thursday afternoon we will upload - to this very page - a final list of the releases that we will have in stock. You can browse through them here too.


Although super exciting, RSD is only a party, really. It's also only a part of what we do. As any you regular frequenters will well know, there is much to get your teeth into every day at the old record shop, this one in particular. As we write this, we have scheduled our 127th Dinked Edition. We have also just released issue 23 of Deluxe (Doubtless the world’s best, free, independently-distributed, quarterly periodical newspaper about independent record shops™) and you can pick up free copies both online and in the shop (and other fine shops, as it happens).

Did we have a point? Perhaps not. Just come and see us and let's see where we end up.

Buddy is illustrated by our own Lee O'Connor.


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