Low - Double Negative

Low - Double Negative

Duluth trio Low are one of the finest bands about, so it should come as very little surprise to regular readers and frequenters that their new LP - Double Negative, on Sub Pop - has been played to death in the office these last few weeks, and is one that we are instantly pretty wild over.

They make intense Slowcore, wrapped around the fabled husband-and-wife vocals of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker and, to be honest, they could just carry on doing this till the end of days... but Double Negative might be their boldest move so far. They brought in electronic gestures and drum machines on 2015’s lush Ones and Sixes LP and the development here is a full progression into a world of hiss and dense layers. They are amazing songwriters and the emotional intensity is right in the foreground in rich focus, vocally especially, but the textures that surround them are a progressive and modern digital soundscape that is dreamlike and really, really intense. It's an album of big feelings. Very powerful stuff indeed.

"the most important, devastating album of the year" - The Guardian

"This record would knock listeners on their asses coming from any band at any time, but it is extraordinary that Low is doing such challenging, relevant work 25 years into their career." - Pitchfork 8.4

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