Preoccupations - New Material

Preoccupations - New Material

Preoccupations are a band we have a long history of being obsessed with. New album New Material, as ever, is potent and the mood from song to song is so intense. The jangling guitars are as psychotic as ever, but whereas there has often been a kinetic and jarring quality about their strain of post-punk, New Material is a more unified and singular take on it. They are perhaps more a wall of sound than the jolting concurrent shapes of Women, Viet Cong and 2016's self-titled Preoccupations LP. They make moods and they convey feelings. It can be haunting but it is always pretty thrilling stuff.

"It’s an ode to depression" singer Matt Flegel says plainly. "To depression and self-sabotage, and looking inward at yourself with extreme hatred"

+ Available as a limited edition grey and black splatter vinyl pressing for the indie shops.


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