The Orielles - Silver Dollar Moment

The Orielles - Silver Dollar Moment

My god we love The Orielles... and so will you! Sidonie Hand Halford, her younger sister Esme and their friend Henry Wade have been a big part of our last 12 months. We saw them live in the summer, got obsessed with their singles and were thrilled to have them come and join us in Totnes for Sea Change.

Their debut LP - Silver Dollar Moment - is a smart, poppy and jangling collection of songs that feel intrinsically linked to guitar music of the last forty years... but kinda like none of it! They are competent, creative and wildly idiosyncratic. You can try and pick apart any of the songs, but it's just too distracting that your hips are swaying and your toes are tapping.

Great collection of songs and a band that could pretty much go on to do anything it would seem. Record of the Week, and a bloody corker too!

The Orielles

The Orielles photographed by Aubs Simpson at Sea Change 2017.


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