April '14 Forecast

The Record of the Month for April was Protomartyr’s 'Under Color of Official Right' on Hardly Art.

"On their debut album No Passion All Technique, Detroit's Protomartyr excelled at crafting a post-punk onslaught that was thrillingly breakneck and oppressive, showcasing a new band capable of stomping, shredding, and obliterating. On their follow-up, Under Color of Official Right, they've cleaned up their sound a bit and sanded down a few of their rough edges without becoming tepid or tame." - Pitchfork

Other artists that received heavy play on the Drift stereo over the month were Mac Demarco, Future Islands, Teebs, Sohn, Ramona Lisa and King of the Mountains. You can read the four weekly updates we sent out in April right here;
Week One | Week Two | Week Three | Week Four

You can read more about all the albums we've been talking about below. 


April listed A ~ Z


Record of the Month: Jockstrap - I Love You Jennifer B

One of the year's most-hyped debut albums and one that absolutely warrants it. An experimental waltz through timbres and tones. I Love You Jennifer B is the debut LP from London-based...

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Record of the Month: The Lounge Society - Tired of Liberty

Another of the young leading lights from the bustling Hebden Bridge scene, August's Record of the Month is 'Tired of Liberty', the superb debut LP from The Lounge Society. Following the release of...

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JULY 2022

Record of the Month: Viagra Boys - Cave World

Hold onto something. Anything. Cave World is the thunderous return of Stockholm post-punks Viagra Boys and our July Record of the Month. Cave World is absolutely brimming with life, a rich spectrum of laughs...

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