Stuff I really like atm. Mostly ambient & new-age, left-field & environmental, cheeky grooves and old jazz, with the occasional wild-card... Like anything by Lee Hazlewood; or horrendously amazing 00s rnb. 

My favourite record of all time? Mort Garson's Plantasia. I first discovered it on Youtube in 2012 during my first term at University. I was pretty hooked by it, alongside Through The Looking Glass by Midori Takahada (which would fuel a long love affair with ambient music-making and listening). Anyway, back to Mort. I have listened to this record countless times (mostly on my commutes to Drift) and I am a firm believer that he was a true genius. That record has everything. Throughout the run-time it fills me with happiness, sadness, optimism, laughter and just utter awe and respect for what he was able to do with a Moog 55 and string synthesiser in the 70s. 

If you're into this collection you should tune into my monthly radio show on 1020 Radio. I have a slot on the first Thursday of every month at 10PM, full of unassuming and quiet ambient, old new-age, field recordings & the occasional granular experiment, and sometimes I even play some of my unreleased music too. 



JULY 2022

Record of the Month: Viagra Boys - Cave World

Hold onto something. Anything. Cave World is the thunderous return of Stockholm post-punks Viagra Boys and our July Record of the Month. Cave World is absolutely brimming with life, a rich spectrum of laughs...

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