The Loud And Quiet Collection

For the last fifteen years, Loud And Quiet have printed a magazine under the ever forward driving sprint that "independent music and journalism is worth protecting". They are our people. Their below recommendations will be replaced by 12 fresh releases each month, each time offering a 10% discount to Loud And Quiet Members. Become a member here.



JULY 2022

Record of the Month: Sarathy Korwar - KALAK

A rich and celebratory album focused on South Asian culture. This truly is an ambitious and evocative return from Sarathy Korwar and his collaborators. One of the most compelling voices in the...

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Record of the Month: Aoife Nessa Frances - Protector

An instant classic, an album that sounds both timeless and strangely modern. A really wonderful voice. In spring of 2020, Aoife Nessa Frances moved out of the city for the...

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Record of the Month: The Lounge Society - Tired of Liberty

Another of the young leading lights from the bustling Hebden Bridge scene, August's Record of the Month is 'Tired of Liberty', the superb debut LP from The Lounge Society. Following the release of...

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