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The Quietus is an online magazine, but who isn't right? Trawl the internet, slag off a few bands, throw out a bunch of three star reviews, re-hash some press releases and shout about your mates BandCamp page... you are a beacon. The difference here is that these multi-award winners take extraordinary pride in what they do, carefully considered critique (amongst the occasionally more belligerent or cantankerous contribution) of music, film, books, art, television and popular/unpopular culture. Long form, eloquent, deliberate. Thus why we like them so much, they are filling the internet with excellent words.

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MAY 2022

Record of the Month: Kevin Morby - This Is A Photograph

One of our most favourite voices in absolutely glorious form. In a career already full of special moments, these might well be some of his finest. There's always a sense...

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Featured post

Record Store Day 2022

On Saturday 23rd April, record shops around the world will be celebrating the fifteenth annual 'Record Store Day', and although we've asked some pretty serious questions about the event… Naturally,...

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