Retrospective Review of July

Hello friends, you're tuned into The Drift Record Shop's monthly retrospective review… this was July

Although the Summer (Summer?) months are supposed to be a fallow period in the release schedule, July has once again, like June before it, been rammed with titles and a good handful that will surely end up in the top rungs of the much studied Drift end of year poll.

Record of the month was a one horse rase and we've all been utterly blown away by Swing Lo Magellan. Retains all of the DP signature weirdness/brilliance and has just armfuls of pop sensitivity. Belter.

We've had in loads of great compilations and so much new vinyl that we're struggling to find shelf space… fortunately it's all so good that it never sticks around too long! As we said last month, we've uncovered some lost articles from the warehouse and we're slowly but surely listing those online.

In other areas, we've also just had in some wonderful books from the Caught By The River stable and a couple of great reads from Faber & Faber (Jarvis Cocker, Rob Young and Alan Licht's conversatiosn with Will Oldham). 

In our burgeoning hifi corner we just got hold of some Audio Techia headphones that sound just UNREAL for a mere £37, plus new models and colours of our much loved Pro-Ject turntables.

As ever, follow @driftrecordshop on twitter and we also have a new "just arrived" section on the website for all things new.

Better still… come see us… we got an electric fan now!!

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