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Drift will be celebrating being an independent record shop on Saturday 21st April 2018 with some drinks, some guests and about 200 special edition releases.

You can browse them here; driftrecords.com/record-store-day-2018

There is a very good chance that there are any number of the 300 plus other titles released as part of the day that you want and we're not stocking... sorry. We are backing the labels, artists and music makers that we usually do... seemed the only logical way to navigate it?!

Feel free to get in touch and the week following the event we'll try and source a bunch more based on the things we missed.

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I want to know the status of my order

Sure thing. Your order confirmation email should include a link to a bespoke order status page, but if you tell us your order number we can look you up and advise.

Why I don't have an order confirmation email?

Some of the fast payment methods (PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay) will use your associated phone number instead of an email. In this instance, you should receive an SMS message from us, but if you have not received either we can still look you up. When you contact us, please include your name and delivery/billing postcode so that we can find you.

Why is my record delayed?

This has been one of the big narratives of 2020 - 2022. There are major delays at the pressing plants and this is affecting releases dates in an ongoing way. All releases include a release date and we update this as often as we can working with our label and distribution partners. COVID is hard work, Brexit was pure stupidity, but combined it is causing havoc. Before contacting us, please do visit the product page for the release you are waiting for and double check that it hasn't been further delayed. There is a tab titled 'Release Updates'.

Can I update my delivery address?

So long as it hasn't already left the building, yes! Please let us know your order number and your desired delivery address.

When do I get my tracking info?

When we ship your order to you, our delivery partner will send you information via email/SMS with a tracking link.


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