Two new servings of Numero's Eccentric Soul

If you've stopped past recently you'll have seen (and heard) that we've gone deep on Numero. We've been particularly feeling the Eccentric Soul series, each edition turns up countless soul gems.

Today we received two new albums to Drift. The Way Out Label and Capitol City Soul (issue number 51, the 50th release in the Eccentric Soul series)  are, as expected, fine additions to the collection and full (forty tracks!) of vintage soul and RnB. Pitchfork have written a particularly good review of both albums here with overviews of the specific pressings and rosters.

Numero have made Eccentric Soul: The Way Out Label free to stream in full on their Soundcloud page. We encourage you to do so. The vinyl edition of Way Out will land shortly, we also got some re-stocks from elsewhere in the series.

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