Gonzales. Solo Piano on Vinyl ten years later.

Eleven years ago, I don't remember the press release all that well, but it must have read a little like this... 'The Canadian MC Chilly Gonzales is to release a new album of solo piano compositions; think serine Erik Satie meditations'. A decade on it is all too easy to throw around buzz-words, but 'Solo Piano' is a legitimate work of genius, a perfect set of compositions. It should be part of everyone's record collection.

We have a limited supply of white vinyl pressings for sale right here. I am guessing they will not touch the sides.

"Although they say the piano can create the most colours of any instrument, it is
actually black and white, much like an old silent movie. Staring down at my
hands, I imagine each piano piece as a shadow against the wall". - Gonzales


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