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Cassandra Jenkins, Jake Xerxes Fussell, HighSchool, Joe Goddard, Cigarettes After Sex, ODESZA and Thom Yorke.

Records of the Week

Cassandra Jenkins, Jake Xerxes Fussell, HighSchool, Joe Goddard, Cigarettes After Sex, ODESZA and Thom Yorke.

Some really lush vocals, a couple of big moods, big pop bounce and some cinematics too.

Now you guys will remember how wild we went for Cassandra Jenkins when we worked on a Dinked Edition of her beautiful An Overview on Phenomenal Nature album a few years back, so you’ve got to know that we are hyped to have her back this week with My Light, My Destroyer! The album has such a great vibe, hazed out production with her voice whispering and swaying through the mix. It’s quite subtle, but we have played it back to back a number of times already, she locks you in. Record of the Week.

+ Pressed on limited Pink Clear Wave colour vinyl.
+ Vinyl copies include a limited, signed lyric book.

Another Drift favourite is Georgian musician Jake Xerxes Fussell. And guess what, he’s back and he is in great form! He first came to our attention as quite a traditionalist, but the way he has slowly evolved to bring in more of his wonderful voice (and humour) is a joy. When I'm Called is produced by James Elkington and features performances by Blake Mills and Joan Shelley. Got a feeling we’re going to be playing this a lot, it has something pretty special going on.
Cassandra Jenkins
Accelerator is the new EP from the (deservedly!) much-hyped HighSchool. Sweetly melancholic with some great little boosts and a darkish noir throughout. Lots of people have channelled that post-punk gloom, but these guys are doing something different and weirdly alluring. Great stuff.

Harmonics is the big new long player from Joe Goddard, a right tour through dance music tones. It’s got a really nice wonky vibe to it, nothing feels too meticulous. Guests include fellow Hot Chippers Alexis Taylor & Al Doyle, also Barrie, Fiorious, Tom McFarland (Jungle), Alabaster DePlume, Ibibio Sound Machine and Hayden Thorpe amongst others. Good energy.

+ Available on limited double 140g Transparent Pink colour vinyl.

X's is the new studio LP from Cigarettes After Sex. It's an album rooted in the swimming reverb that they made their own, but this new one does shift up and down more around Greg Gonzalez’s hushed vocals.

+ Available on exclusive Clear vinyl.

Certain Limitations is the new project from Ex-Here We Go Magic frontman Luke Temple (and The Cascading Moms). Lots of references in the mix, but nothing too dominating and his voice sounds great. Enjoying this one.

A lavish set from ODESZA this week with The Last Goodbye Tour Live. Captures the duo (plus horn players and guest vocalists!) live and gives a lot of that immersive concert experience.

+ Ghostly Clear colour 3LP in a reverse board trifold sleeve with central die cut, housing three interchangeable matte varnish card inner sleeves. It’s very nice.

A couple of limited 12”s to flag up with Overmono’s excellent re-work of The StreetsTurn The Page. A banger. We also have the second volume of Metronomy’s Posse EP which is really great. Some excellent new guest appearances and he manages to sound both quite different and yet very-much like his old self.

Also this week; True Magic is the super-vibrant new LP from Manchester-based producer salute via Ninja Tune. Small Town Monsters is the second album from Merseyside band The Dream Machine. Our Dinked pressing sold crazy-fast, but we do have ‘Karloff Green’ vinyl. CRASH is the debut LP from Deptford pop outsider Bad With Phones. Passage du Desir is the debut LP from Sturgill Simpson’s all-new Johnny Blue Skies project. We have just this minute given it a first spin and his voice sounds magnificent. Absolutely one to check out.

Lastly for today and sweeping around the shop as we write this, XL Recordings release Thom Yorke’s original score for Daniele Luchetti’s film, Confidenza. Lush orchestrals, some really great bleeps and he uses his voice brilliantly too. It also does have a few moments of utter fury too, which is pretty thrilling.

+ Available on a limited Cream colour vinyl pressing.

A jazz heavy set of reissues for you this week too, plus The Cuca Label for Numero’s Eccentric Soul series and also the totally stacked ‘I Saw The TV Glow’ soundtrack.