Drift is partially open

Drift is partially open

After a very strange and uncertain six months, we're delighted to finally open the shop up again for a bit of browsing.

We've spent a good while thinking about how we feel comfortable being open, and also how to welcome you back in a way that feels like an enjoyable browsing experience. As of this Saturday 5th September, we will be able to invite you into the front of the Drift shop to browse the bins, look at the walls (albeit at a distance) and to even order a takeaway coffee. All of our stock remains online and you can browse everything in the building via our website. You can also view preorder releases and any and all of these can be purchased online to be shipped to your door or for Click & Collect(ion) in Totnes.

This is how it'll work;

Clean your hands1. The stable door will either be half or fully closed. Come and ring the bell, we're all inside busying away with mail order and other jobs.

2. We have moved the shop around so that you can come in and browse through the racks. At the moment we can't find a good way to browse CDs, so this is geared towards vinyl but please know that we still love the CD format and anything we stock is easily available for us to fetch for you.

3. You're going to need to wear a mask, we're also going to need you to sanitise your hands with antibacterial cleaner. We have a pump thing for you.

4. We've clearly marked a browsing area on the floor in tape. We'd ask you to stay in the boxed area. For those of you who know the shop layout, it is about half of the downstairs area as you enter through the front door.

5. We're really not keen to take any cash, thanks for your understanding.

6. We are only letting in one person, couple or bubble at a time. There are lots of reasons why, but this is where we have landed and how we want to do it.

Floor Tape

7. Those first points are kind of the boring, logistical bit. We are going to keep working to develop the instore experience to; not only deliver what coming to Drift was like back before all this, we're also looking at all sorts of ways to offer something new. Firstly, the stereo is yours! That's a pretty sweet deal, anything you want to listen to, we'll just stick it on. You have the floor and the racks to yourself.

8. We've been writing a pretty comprehensive run-through of the week's releases for about seven or eight years now with our newsletter, Drift is going to become a physical version of that with all sorts to come in and experience; this is all about discovery without algorithms. 

SonosAlthough we are in the building and happy to see you, so that we can still run the website with the time it needs, the browsing times are Ideally as follows;

Monday -Closed
Tuesday - 12pm - 3pm
Wednesday - 12pm - 3pm
Thursday - 12pm - 3pm
Friday - 10am - 2pm
Saturday - 10am - 2pm
Sunday - Closed

We sincerely hope the admin doesn't remove the sparkle from this long-overdue news, looking forward very much to seeing you again soon. Let's be in touch.

- Drift


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