Drift Sunday Digest: 9th May 2021

Drift Sunday Digest: 9th May 2021

Cultural addendums to add to your Sunday mixer. 

Hello, Friends.

If you are a fan of Bobbie Gentry, this one is a little bit like magic. So rarely does any new archive audio/video appear, it's quite the event when it does. This last week a video of Bobbie performing a couple of tracks on the Ed Sullivan Show (in 1968) was uploaded to YouTube and it's about the most perfect five-or-so minutes we've seen in yonks. It has surprisingly good production quality and she - as ever - totally swoons.

+ YouTube |  Watch Now
+ The Guardian | "whatever happened to the trailblazing queen of country?" [Read More]

Michael Small's never-before-released soundtrack to The Parallax View.

This week we finally took stock of Michael Small's never-before-released soundtrack to The Parallax View. If you want to talk about tense subtlety, it really is quite amazing. The film is full of stark, political paranoia and much like John Carpenter's They Live, watching it in the political context of 2021 it's quite chilling. 

It has a really iconic scene, the "Brainwashing" or "Parallax Test" scene, using stock footage and slogans to hugely evocative and quite unnerving affect. The film is available to rent on a few online sites for about three quid, you can also watch the specific scene here.

A really great film (Warren Beatty is on top form) and the soundtrack is just excellent.

Watch | The Brainwashing Scene [Watch Now]
Esquire | The Best Scene in the Best Conspiracy Thriller Ever [Read More]

Altın Gün

Premiering a little earlier this morning, Altın Gün (the Turkish Psych Folk band from Amsterdam) have recorded a live session at the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam. The band's third LP - Yol - is getting loads of repeat plays over here, it's got such good vibes. If you haven't checked them out yet, we highly recommended that you do!

YouTube | [Watch Now]
Shop | Buy 'Yol' at Drift [Shop Now]
Pitchfork | "Amsterdam’s finest Turkish psych revivalists" 7.6 [Read More]

Buzzy Lee

The last couple of weeks (and the next few months!) are so intense for new releases over here, that we'll try and flag up the odd thing that we don't want to fly under your radars. One of which - arriving sort of between two release weeks - is Spoiled Love, the debut album as Buzzy Lee from Sasha Spielberg (yep, he's her dad). We played it at the shop on Saturday and sold loads off the stereo.

The super dreamy set of songs were crafted and recorded with longtime friend and collaborator Nicholas Jaar and really have something special going on. Get Buzzy Lee amongst your Sunday listening pile folks, thank us later.

Our Culture | Spotlight [Read More]
Shop | Buy 'Spoiled Love' at Drift [Shop Now]

Have a great rest of weekend.

- Drift


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