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Mabe Fratti, Aaron Frazer, Causa Sui, Loma, Previous Industries, Hiatus Kaiyote, Dirty Three, SML and Pigbaby.

Records of the Week

Mabe Fratti, Aaron Frazer, Causa Sui, Loma, Previous Industries, Hiatus Kaiyote, Dirty Three, SML and Pigbaby.

You absolutely can’t snooze on any of this week’s releases because we have some absolute belters for you. Great stuff.

Our Record of the Week is Sentir Que No Sabes, the new album from Guatemalan cellist and pop-experimentalist Mabe Fratti. Firstly, the production is just so interesting. Bright and snapping with electronic and pop music tones, but also a fierce and discombobulating sound design. Secondly, her vocals are sultry and full of bewitching charm. Together, it's just wild from start to finish, not much like anything else. A really highly recommended album.

+ Available on limited Terracotta Colour vinyl.

Modern soul man Aaron Frazer releases his new Into The Blue album on Dead Oceans. His unmistakable falsetto is in super smooth form and he successfully pulls in some slick pop production too, for a slightly more contemporary sound.

+ Available on limited Frosted 'Coke Bottle' Clear colour vinyl.
+ LP copies include a signed print.
Drift Records
From The Source is the first new album in four years from Danish psychedelic troup, Causa Sui. It is pure hypnosis, long and winding songs that really lock into a groove and slowly evolve. Lush analogue hues that ebb and flow with jazz flashes and some meaty riffs. It's great.

+ Pressed on limited Yellow, Green & White Splatter vinyl.

How Will I Live Without a Body? Is the gorgeously spooky new LP from trio Loma. Layers of whispers and wind tones with fantastic production. They really get a mood going and it gets quite weird. Enjoying this a lot.

+ Available on Neon Orange Loser Edition vinyl

Melbourne-based soul band Hiatus Kaiyote return with the sumptuous new Love Heart Cheat Code album on Brainfeeder. The power of the voices are so amazing that you almost lose track of all the super smart and bonkers music that's going on. Almost. It's ambitious and really thrilling.

+ Available on limited Blue & White Marble colour vinyl.

Previous Industries is a collaborative project from Chicagoans Open Mike Eagle, Video Dave and STILL RIFT. The production on Service Merchandise is so good! Smokey samples looping and skipping. The rotating voices are also all so captivating, funny and bustling. Already playing this a lot, it’s a bit of an instant classic.
Loma at Drift
Small Medium Large is the self-titled debut from SML, a new quintet stacked with luminaries from Los Angeles’s jazz, improvised, indie and modern music scenes. Amazing repetitions, it has such incredible builds as they all interweave and the additional electronic embellishments really gives this character. This really is one to get absolutely and totally lost in, highly recommended.

+ Available on 'Sedimentary Orange' colour vinyl.

Lou Barlow and John Davis have regrouped as The Folk Implosion for the all new Walk Thru Me. Surprisingly pop sensitive with lots of interesting and off-kilter changes. Feels like a grower.

+ Available on limited White colour vinyl.

Bubbling up from ominous depths with gushes of distortion, Love Changes Everything is the epic return of Dirty Three. As you well know, we worked with the band and Bella Union on a Dinked Edition, so we have been lucky enough to enjoy this one for quite a while now and it really is fantastic. Loads of subtlety and brooding energy, the way they craft each song is so special.
Now Playing at Drift
Also this week; Songwriter is a set of unearthed Johnny Cash recordings that have been lovingly augmented by family and collaborators. Lovely to hear his voice. We have an all-new self-titled double album from the iconic power-punks Redd Kross. South of Here is the fourth full-length studio release from Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. Notes from a Quiet Life is the pop-huge new album from Washed Out. Geographic Music release Stephen Pastel and Gavin Thomson’s expanded soundtrack This Is Memorial Device. Strut Of Kings is the triumphant forty-first album from indie rock royalty Guided By Voices.

Ending this week with an absolute experience and a half. i don't care if anyone listens to this shit once you do is the debut LP from the elusive pigbaby and it knocked us sideways. Released on Vegyn's imprint PLZ Make It Ruins, it’s hard to even know how best to describe this one, but loosely; it is sad and affecting music about heartbreak and suicide from a Dubliner dressed head to toe in a pig outfit. Dreamlike DIY space in dream pop with soul-baring honesty. It’s funny, naive and really captivating. We can’t stop playing this one. Punchline is that it’s really limited. Classic.

Reissues include the sublime Lee Underwood, Shin Joong Hyun, Animal Collective, The Mountain Goats, Sharon Van Etten and Neil Young with Crazy Horse.