Record Store Day 2022

Record Store Day 2022

On Saturday 23rd April, record shops around the world will be celebrating the fifteenth annual 'Record Store Day', and although we've asked some pretty serious questions about the event… Naturally, we will be participating.

+ Browse the releases here.

Last month, we wrote an article for The Guardian where we discussed the broader impacts that the RSD event has on the regular physical release schedule, specifically for independent music makers, labels and distributors. You can read it in full here

There were quite a few comments (specifically from other record shops) suggesting that we (Drift) should 'focus on the positives' and 'not participate if we don't like the day'. The feedback was frustrating as we stuck our neck out and used the opportunity to try and start a productive conversation. We were misunderstood, we have been involved in Record Store Day since day one and have long been one of its most evangelical supporters.

Record Store Day 2010

We asked for (and are still asking for) a proper conversation with shops, shoppers, labels, artists and distributors from all parts of the industry about the broader ramifications of the event and how it can adapt. The 400+ Record Store Day titles have been booked in months ago, they are in production and they will be released* in April, opting to not stock them or not participate would harm us further as a business and would disappoint shoppers who are hoping to track down the releases. It would be cutting off our nose to spite our face, and although we remain adamant that the event needs to evolve and adapt, this is us confirming (if it wasn't clear) that on Saturday 23rd April, Drift will be stocking Record Store Day releases and the following Friday night (8pm), we will also be selling them online.

Record Store Day 2012

The April 2022 Event.

We're going to be stocking about 150 titles. You can browse them here. If the title you are searching for is not listed there, then we're afraid that we won't have copies on the day. Also, do check the dates as loads are late and will appear in June.

+ We'll be open from 9am for door service.

+ Serious queuing starts at about 7am (give or take).

+ Please bring a list of what you want.

+ You can only purchase ONE of any exclusive.

+ We really hope that it's good fun.


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