Records of the Week: Ducks Ltd, David Nance, Ryan Davis, Brittany Howard, Itasca, Kali Malone, Cleo Sol and Neil Young.

Records of the Week: Ducks Ltd, David Nance, Ryan Davis, Brittany Howard, Itasca, Kali Malone, Cleo Sol and Neil Young.

A rich, diverse and really enthralling new week of new sounds.

Our Record of the Week is David Nance & Mowed Sound, the Third Man Records debut from Nebraska musician David Nance. The songs were written as Country songs - he explains - but with the help of the Mowed Sound band they have warped and evolved into celestial soothers and brash south rockers. They don’t sound old, as such, but there is a real smoke in the air that could have easily been gracing stages for the last fifty years. Really great stuff, an album that’s very easy to fall for.

+ Available on Exclusive Green colour vinyl.

Harm’s Way is the new LP from Toronto’s Ducks Ltd. Full of jangling swagger. It’s not necessarily maudeline, it’s certainly not entirely sunny, but there’s a really great energy to it all the same. Uplifting and engaging without remaining in the same mode. Really good stuff.

+ Available on “Garden Fountain” Pearly White vinyl.
Ryan Davis & The Roadhouse Band - Dancing On The Edge
Okay, so this one has knocked us pretty sideways. Louisville artist Ryan Davis joins with The Roadhouse Band on Dancing On The Edge, a vivid and properly cosmic set of Alt-Country jams. Without going too wild, there is something about this debut LP (he was previously/is the leader of rock band State Champion) that feels a lot like the first time you heard Sic Alps or Silver Jews… You know? Just looking blankly at the speakers and drifting off somewhere. Plenty of Country tones, but it’s way slacker as it rolls along with big choruses and devastating little ruminations. An instant classic.

“This is the sound of someone bearing a torch.” - Bill Callahan

WHAT NOW is the new album from Brittany Howard and it sounds quite amazing. The production is just outrageous, a hyper-produced set of pop bangers (her voice in particular is just wild), but there are so many weird and wonderful tones and textures (apparently anything and everything from bin lids to cutlery!). Not one wasted moment.

+ Available on exclusive Clear vinyl.

All Life Long is the latest work from composer Kali Malone and it’s hugely impressive. The album comprises compositions for choir, pipe organ and brass ensemble. Sonically dense tracks that build up and swell, all with recurring patterns and echos. It really is a highly recommended listening experience.

Also this week; Los Angeles folk band Itasca return with Imitation of War, the first new album in five years on Paradise of Bachelors. We have a “Beer & Bone Vinyl” pressing of The Chisel’s What A Fucking Nightmare. It’s really good fun. Phasor is the new LP (his second with 4AD and ninth of his fine career!) from Florida based Helado Negro. We have a limited Coke Bottle Green colour pressing if you’re quick. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich returns with his 5th studio album Some Things Break. We have an Evening Sky coloured vinyl pressing.

As we mentioned yesterday, we have limited stock of Cleo Sol’s new(est) Gold LP. Her voice is amazing, the production is deft, it’s just really mint.

Burial returns with the Dreamfear/Boy Sent From Above 12” this week on XL Recordings. It’s really good, such drive, but it’s very limited so don’t miss out as we just put the last copies back in stock.

Lastly this week, Neil Young releases Before And After and it really is special stuff. He has chosen current favourites from his vast career and recorded new, solo acoustic versions. There is such a rawness, a glorious listen. Maybe not a huge amount there for anyone who isn’t already a fan, but for those with even a passing interest in his esteemed career, this really is quite brilliant.

We have a super limited Clear vinyl pressing here now, Black vinyl is due in a couple of weeks.

Reissues this week are in truly excellent form, with; Sonic Youth, Franz Ferdinad, Sea Power, The American Analog Set, Scott Fagan, Black Truth Rhythm Band and the all-time stunning Austin Peralta. We’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

Full racks.

- Drift


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