Actress - AZD

Actress - AZD

Record of the week is the fifth studio outing from Darren Cunningham as Actress.

AZD - released in fine fashion - today on Ninja Tune is some of the most addictive beat music he has made... in our humble options. It is hazy, futuristic, experimental techno music. This is what would be playing out in the Record Shop in Blade Runner's dystopian LA side streets. As with all his work, there is darkness and gloom, but that smog has lifted slightly since his last time out and there are some beautiful moments of tone in the bleeps. The attention to detail is superb, it all sounds different. It's kind of like you're being played different parts on different speakers. Addictive and very easy to lock into, we'll be playing this a lot over the next few months.

Foil wrapped in custom printed bags, the indie edition of ADZ is limited to just 500 copies and is pressed on clear vinyl. It feels amazing, we have hardly any left...


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