Drinks - Hippo Lite

Drinks - Hippo Lite

Back in the real world, Record of the Week is an absolutely bonkers album of trippy pop nuggets.

We went nuts for the debut Drinks LP Hermits on Holiday a few years back and they return today with Hippo Lite on Drag City. All songs and lyrics were created in unison by Cate Le Bon & Tim Presley (of White Fence) and they paint woozy and trippy mini headspaces. They are truly brilliant psychedelic explorers and they walk a fascinating line here between the experimental and pop sensitive. The production is delicious, layers and layers and layers, you hear new stuff each time. It was all recorded by Stephen Black of Sweet Baboo and we really can't praise it enough, hugely inventive in every way.

Very weird, but brilliantly sincere.


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