Jon Hopkins - Singularity

Jon Hopkins - Singularity

Record of the Week is a huge return in our world from Jon Hopkins.

It is his first full-length solo outing since our 2013’s Record of the Year, Immunity and is the product of an intense two-year process. His work as a producer has placed him in the very top bracket, sensitive and thoughtful but able to use emotions in the atmospherics. His fifth solo album Singularity is gloriously intense. The tones are stirring, the base is animalistic somehow and the depth of each composition is as thrilling as it is daunting. It's an album that has not just successfully connected ambient music and techno but has found its own space. Thought we'd torn a speaker cone at the end of the title track on the first play... it is proper lush.

"Putting this one together was a crazy emotional 2 year trip. I hope it brings you joy." - Jon Hopkins


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