Masayoshi Fujita - Book Of Life

Masayoshi Fujita - Book Of Life

Record of the Week is a work of extreme beauty and detail. Masayoshi Fujita returns on Erased Tapes with his new album Book of Life and it is honestly stunning.

It is the final album in a trilogy that began in 2012. He explains; “There is a story or a scenery behind each song on all three albums, some of them are connected or part of a series. For me, these songs are similar to playing cards: some of them have the same suit or the same motif, some look minimal and others have more complex drawings.”

The maestro has extended his palette, working initially from improvisations and incorporating an esteemed neoclassical orchestra of Peter Broderick, Hatis Noit, David Allred, and the vocal ensemble Shards. It is seriously overwhelming stuff.

+ Available as a very limited edition clear vinyl pressing


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