Prettiest Eyes - Pools

Prettiest Eyes - Pools

We have a new record today that we're spinning pretty hard (it came out digitally in November, but the CD/vinyl just landed) via the inimitable Castle Face label. 

Pools from Prettiest Eyes is a churning, droning garage rock record from LA and we're right into it. The organ tones have a very old school psych feel to them and everything else is glorious ramshackle. The vocals peak all over the place through the waves of reverb.

Label head and OCS/Thee Oh See kingpin John Dwyer is on board... "They are captivating, they are odd, they make strange and interesting choices. Futuristic and yet drawn from the same sonic sludge that all mankind derives from, they live and breathe early Los Angeles-punk vibes while still innovating at every turn. There is electricity in this sound, they simply rule and what a pleasure to hear Pools doesn’t stray far from what makes them just melt it in person. Recorded perfectly to harness the animal on a nice inanimate slab of plastic you can take home. For fans of Screamers, Suicide, Chrome, and yes, a hint of a down unda Birthday Party."

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