Jack White
On Saturday 20th, Drift like hundreds of other independent record shops worldwide, will be celebrating Record Store Day.

We have set up this page to keep you all up to date and answer your questions as best we can.

You can read or download a PDF here that charts the stock we are anticipating having in the shop on Saturday 20th - I am sure we don't have to bang on and and on about it, but none of this is 100% guaranteed and pretty much all of them are super ltd... we'll likely only have one or two of each.

We have also announced two AMAZING instore shows for the day. Full details on those here.
So couple of things we should mention right away. 

ONE: There are TWO lists, one for the USA and one for the UK. Luckily for you, Drift are utterly radial and we'll likely be able to get hold of certain import items, but realistically we just won't know what will materialise until quite literally the day before. To a lesser degree this applies to all of the UK exclusive releases as the stock often gets cut back due to the extreme demand and limited availability. 

TWO: There are going to be somewhere in the vicinity of 450 exclusive releases across a multitude of formats. We will not have everything, we will try and indicate what we'll be carrying in the week leading up to Saturday 20th.

THREE: The rules of Record Store Day are strict and clearly state that we can't hold back stock, take requests or pre-sell… however, if you fill in a contact form here and clearly give us your list of requests, it will help us ensure that we have covered all the bases. We have spent a lot of time and effort trying to get a good balance of stock in for the day but your feedback is really important. 

FOUR: We'll be announcing our full schedule of activities on Monday April 1st. We'll be open to sell music at 9am and we'll be around earlier to sell drinks. 2013 will also be our biggest year for live instores with two huge names making appearances. We can't wait. 

FIVE: We also think that people who buy stuff and sling it right up on eBay are total dicks.