Aeon Seven - Soul Altitude

  • Aeon Seven - Soul Altitude

Aeon Seven - Soul Altitude


ReleasedDecember 6th 2018
Catalogue 45L7007
Barcode 45L7007

This French producer/DJ/animator from Rouen in northern France is quite simply a mighty talent, excelling at everything he touches. Whether it be a blistering turntablist DJ set, an expertly crafted mixtape, an eye-popping video animation or indeed some beautifully arranged and produced dancefloor cuts. 

‘The A-side ’Soul Altitude’ sees Aeon Seven drop some snappy drums and an über phat fuzzy bass as a bed for guitar riffs, organ stabs and LIVE horns to swirl around upon, complete with a tough breakdown and horn solo to end, it’s a deep mid-tempo dancefloor burner. Meanwhile the B side ‘Preliminary Battle’ takes a super tight boom-bap drum sound and adds an even filthier bassline to underpin this heads-down organ-fueled workout. 

Artist Aeon Seven
Label45 Live
Filed Under Jazz