• ALASKALASKA - The Dots



FormatCD & LP
Released3rd May 2019
Catalogue MA0182CD
Barcode 5052442015659

Acclaimed indie-rock project from Glasgow, centred around singer, guitarist and songwriter Stina Tweedale, are one of the most successful breakout Scottish acts in recent years. Their 2nd album Babes Never Die was nominated for Scottish Album Of The Year. The Dots is their first album on Marathon.

ALASKALASKA are an outlier. In a culture where genre lines are increasingly blurred, the previously tribal worlds that divided music largely disbanded, the South London group, headed by Lucinda Duarte-Holman and Fraser Rieley, feel sent from a not-so-distant future – one where freeform expression trumps any need for categorisation. Singer, guitarist and principal songwriter, Lucinda formed the group back in 2016, introducing bassist and producer Fraser, to her friends Calum Duncan (guitarist), Fraser Smith (saxophonist), and Gethin Jones (drummer), they began melding their wares to “start a project where we could write and play music that we found fun,” Lucinda explains, “without having a boundary.”
The group combine an appreciation for pop songwriting form with a myriad of
sounds, tastes and styles. Hashing together their disparate influences gave their
early works the push-pull feeling of a group digging out a trench between two worlds – as head-turning early single ‘Bitter Winter’ so succinctly put it, “I don’t fit in here”.
The Dots – ALASKALASKA’s debut album on Marathon Artists – is the
sound of the group finding that convergence. “That line is starting to blur away, or
merge a little bit,” says Lucinda.

1. The Dots
2. Bees
3. Moon
4. Arrows
5. Tough Love
6. Sweat
7. Meateater
8. Monster
9. Happyface
10. Heaven
11. - - -
12. Skin


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