Aldous RH - Respect 4 Devotion

  • Aldous RH - Respect 4 Devotion

Aldous RH - Respect 4 Devotion


Released29th May 2020
Catalogue MOSHILP102X
Barcode 5060164957577

Adana born, Manchester raised Al Robinson  (Aldous RH) specialises in a languid style of bittersweet funk music, spurred on by the blue eyed soul of 70's icons Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall, besides taking heavy influence from the legends of poetic groove; Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and the brothers Isley. A former touring musician with Los Angeles psych-pop outfit Drugdealer, starlet Charlotte Gainsbourg and New Zealand's iconic Connan Mockasin, RH remains a prolific and determined figure in Manchester’s musical scene, often seen collaborating and performing with The Birthmarks, The Foetals and Duds.

In his debut LP Respect 4 Devotion, he unveils the Timbaland flavoured 'Since 1992', Jazz fusion inflected 'Better 2' and sorrowful pop ditty 'Jaded Lovers'. Featured on the LP amongst others are pianist John Carroll Kirby (Solange, Sebastian Tellier), drummer Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) and guitarist Alex Brettin (Mild High Club). Talking about track 'Since 1992', Aldous RH explains,

“Lyrically we're talking about looking for true love, with some trials and tribul-ations along the way”. The track is accompanied by a video about which Al adds, “mainly serves as an homage to RNB video directing. The idea behind the clock is to show that time can heal almost any wound of the heart. And of course some believe the zodiac to serve as an oracle for relationship compatibility - how true that rings I cannot say. Henceforth I believe the potential for the zodiac to find you your soul mate is merely down to the time elapsed in your search for them and for me personally I was born in 1992, so it all began on that day.”

Azure Blue vinyl

1. Far n’ Distant Memory
2. True Lust
3. Since 1992
4. Reply
5. Respect 4 Devotion
6. The Endless Search
7. Jaded Lovers
8. Playa 4 Life
9. Better 2’ve Loved

Artist Aldous RH
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