Alex Cameron - Jumping the Shark

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  • Alex Cameron - Jumping the Shark

Alex Cameron - Jumping the Shark

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FormatCD & LP
Released19th August 2016
Catalogue SC334CD
Barcode 0656605033426

That was AL CAMATHON... We helped get these guys over the line. UK forces united. Thank you.

Born from anxiety and fuelled by a crippling need for validation and success, Secretly Canadian re-release: 'Jumping the Shark' by Alex Cameron. This collection of short tales documents the bankrupt and morally vacant world of contemporary showbiz. Voiced by a forgotten variety show host, Ken DuPont, 'Jumping the Shark' explores issues such as guilt and humiliation in a world where everyone is to blame for an entire industry's failure - everyone except themself. 'Jumping the Shark' is as confronting as it is uplifting. A revelation of an album not to be taken sitting down. If you like Flash and The Pan, The Reels, Angelo Badalamenti, John Maus, Robert Palmer, Lou Reed or Ryuichi Sakamoto then this is a strong recommendation for you.

"My name is Alex Cameron and I won't waste your time. When you're talking about me and my business partner, Roy Molloy, you're talking about the online cowboys in the wild-west days of the World Wide Web. And if you want to know what we're really about just look at all the things you wish you'd done differently. All the things you stopped yourself from doing on account of the fear of failure, or rejection. Weigh that up against your ambitions. Think about your work ethic. We're reclaiming failure as an act of progress. An act of learning. Something to celebrate. 

A word's meaning can change depending on who utters the thing; and so we present characters - shapes are morphed and stories are delivered. This is a collection of 4-minute tales written to provide you with insight into the inner workings of failed ambitions and self-destruction. Unedited, uncensored, and without inhibition. I've learned to reveal what I want to unlearn. I cast a light on the darkness and in doing so understand love and compassion. Fear is to be confronted, and to learn strictly requires failure - over and over. Celebrate failure with 'Jumping The Shark'."

1. Happy Ending
2. Gone South
3. Real Bad Lookin
4. The Comeback
5. She's Mine
6. Internet
7. Mongrel
8. Take Care Of Business

Artist Alex Cameron
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