Alfa Mist - Structuralism

  • Alfa Mist - Structuralism

Alfa Mist - Structuralism


Released26th April 2019
Catalogue SEKITO002
Barcode 5052442015512

+ Double LP of entirely new material from the incredible Alfa Mist. We love this guy.

Named after the theoretical breakdown of the basic elements of conscious experience, Alfa Mist's album 'Structuralism' is based around a conversation between Mist and his sister, discussing themes of debate culture and personal growth and is an intricate and profound glimpse into the East London artist's battles with self and the societal pressures that inform our own conscious experience.

'Structuralism' provides listeners a rare opportunity to disconnect from the world, and to consider their very presence in time and space. 'Mist's ability to entrance listeners into states of experiential self-reflection and contemplation oozes from this vivid, meditative jazz composition.

Features an ensemble of fantastic players making the Alfa Mist experience wide-range and fully featured, including;
Rhodes & Piano - Alfa Mist
Bass - Kaya Thomas-Dyke
Trumpet - Johnny Woodham
Drums - Peter Adam Hill
Guitar - Jamie Leeming
Violin - Katie Neaves, Simmy Singh
Viola - Lucy Nolan
Cello - Peggy Nolan
Double Bass - James Rudi Creswick
Drums - Jamie Houghton

Album artwork: Kaya Thomas-Dyke

1. 44
2. Falling (feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke)
3. Mulago
4. Glad I Lived
5. Screen
6. Naiyti
7. Retainer
8. Door (feat. Jordan Rakei)

Artist Alfa Mist
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