Allez-Allez - Hideous Racket EP

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Allez-Allez - Hideous Racket EP

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Each 12" is packaged with a red or blue vinyl cling allowing your own commentary depending on the mood. First pressing limited to 550 copies

The cargo of Allez-Allez's debut EP, Hideous Racket, contains a suspiciously alien sound that could only be kept secret for so long before being smuggled and peddled by RVNG Intl. on the war torn and drug dirtied mutant dance floors. This London lab tech duo staked their claim with social and online experiments and now expand their methodically creative reach with four tracks made for the interstellar overdrive.

The EP begins with the melodically rich and playful title track before the aquatic acid house of "Seven Down Six Across" bubbles to the surface to close the a-side. The b-side starts with the James Holden championed "Weird Science", a washy blend of Frippertronic frequencies and a street smart beat, and rounds out with the shimmering Rhythm Ace shuffle of "Slump", described by Optimo's JD Twitch as "Chris & Cosey riding a flying hoover over the city in Blade Runner".

Bonus digital tracks include an alternate scuzzy / scrungey take on "Hideous Racket", remixes by Border Community's deep arpeggiator Wesley Matsell, Rvng's own panic button beat makers Pink Skull, and an epic 12+ minute rework by Thee Four Horsemen , the production team of Stuart Lamour (20 Jazz Funk Greats) and Nick Carlisle. Also notable: one of Allez-Allez's two core members is Sam Willis from Kompakt recording artist Walls.

A1. Hideous Racket - 4:45
A2. Seven Down Six Across - 5:28
B1. Weird Science - 5:54
B2. Slump - 4:42

Artist Allez-Allez