Anthony Moore & Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln ‎- Ore Talks

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  • Anthony Moore & Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln ‎- Ore Talks

Anthony Moore & Therapeutische Hörgruppe Köln ‎- Ore Talks

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InfoLP1st July 2017

Limited edition release, gatefold sleeve with booklet. A double LP of essentially electronic and noise-based pieces paired with astonishing texts spoken by Anthony Moore. the concept is that objects of value, artefacts or minerals, buried deep in the ground send strange signals through the earth up to the planet's surface. They are detected by the ears and instruments of miners, explorers and archaeologists who are tuned-in to the subterranean frequencies. the album contains a large booklet explaining this idea and featuring many pages of eccentric writing about sound.

Only a few copies available. comes in gatefold sleeve with 20 page booklet, Four sides of vinyl: this has served as a time constraint from the very outset of the project. With around 18 minutes per side giving an overall run time of 72 minutes, these time slots are designed to offer recordings of four sets of historical, technical processes and their devices. Each of the four chapters is conceived in two parts and realised in a number of actual compositions.

1. Their Electrons. The developement of De Forest‘s Audion. 
2. Noise as signal and the power of redundancy. 

1. Reversibility; Loudspeakers as Microphones and The Transmitting Ear. 
2. Mercury Acoustic Delays Lines. 

1. Wax Cylinders, Hill ’n Dale, Voices of the Dead. 
2. Magnetic Oxide and Memory Machines, Storing Time. 

1. Waves; The Air as One Vast (negentropic) Library. 
2. Farewell to AM, Fades to Infinity.

Artist Anthony Moore