Arbouretum - Rites Of Uncovering

  • Arbouretum - Rites Of Uncovering

Arbouretum - Rites Of Uncovering


InfoLP16th June 2017

A band we really love with a fresh 2017 cut and press on virgin vinyl. Decent.

Sometime lead guitarist with Anomoanon and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, the Will Oldham connection has clearly rubbed off on Arbouretum leader Dave Heumann. Bucolic odysseys like "Tonight's A Jewel" and "Pale Rider Blues" complete with musty timbre and odd vernacular sound alarmingly like Oldham fronting Espers.

That is, until Heumann's splintering guitar solos crack them wide open. "Sleep Of Shiloam" and "The Rise" evolve into epics of cosmic skronk, revealing him as sonic explorer a la Wilco or Crazy Horse rather than any 12-bar disciple. This wonderful record already feels like a cult classic.

Signposts And Instruments
Tonight’s A Jewel
Pale Rider Blues
Ghosts Of Here And There
Sleep Of Shiloam
Mohammed’s Hex And Bounty
The Rise
Two Moons

Artist Arbouretum