Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

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Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

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FormatCD & LP
Catalogue 2742629

Following on from hugely innovative and widely applauded previous efforts "Funeral" and "Neon Bible" - Canadian ensemble Arcade Fire create a concept and sound that represents their personal upbringing (in the suburbs) for their third outing "The Suburbs". Frontman Win Butler's vocal lines are smoother than before and are given weight by a looming sense of darkness, while co-vocalist Regine gives balance to Arcade Fire's music with an added feeling of wonder running through her work. As with their earlier material, violins, harpsichords and xylophones, among other instruments, accompany guitars and drums to add depth to a superb indie rock sound.

Three albums in, Arcade Fire are able to keep surprising and delivering clever, complicated and grandiose records with each outing.

1. The Suburbs
2. Ready To Start
3. Modern Man
4. Rococo
5. Empty Room
6. City With No Children
7. Half Light I
8. Half Light II (No Celebration)
9. Suburban War
10. Month Of May
11. Wasted Hours
12. Deep Blue
13. We Used To Wait
14. Sprawl I (Flatland)
15. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
16. The Suburbs (Continued)

this deserves to be their 'Automatic For The People'; an album that combines mass accessibility with much greater ambition. Pretty much perfect - NME
Artist Arcade Fire
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