Mort Garson

The Unexplained [2020 Remaster]

  • Ataraxia [Mort Garson] - The Unexplained [2020 Remaster]
8th January 2021 / LP / Sacred Bones Records

Mort Garson

The Unexplained [2020 Remaster]


Early analogue synth pioneer Mort Garson - AKA Ataraxia - he of cult 'Plantasia' album for houseplants, twiddles his knobs towards the paranormal with modular meditations on the inexplicable. Tune in, zone out and cross over the boundaries.

The pioneering electronic composer Mort Garson (Mother Earth’s Plantasia) takes on supernatural phenomena with lush synth grooves on 'The Unexplained', his only release under the name Ataraxia. Subtitled Electronic Musical Impressions of the Occult, the album explores tarot, astral projection, seances, and more with Garson’s signature Moog synthesizer serving as the listener’s tour guide to the paranormal.

+ Limited Indie shop version LP is pressed on orange coloured vinyl.

The exploratory, whimsical spirit of its creator is evident throughout the release, but it also takes its subject matter seriously, making it essential for anyone interested in musical conjurations of the occult. This remastered edition marks the first official reissue of the album since its initial 1975 release, and it includes all the original liner notes. 

Morton S. “Mort” Garson was a Canadian-born composer, arranger, songwriter, and pioneer of electronic music. He is best known for his albums in the 1960s and 1970s that were among the first to feature Moog synthesizers. His best-known album is 'Mother Earth’s Plantasia', a 1976 Moog album designed to be played “for plants and the people who love them.” Sacred Bones Records has undertaken the project of giving official, licensed reissues to key releases from Mort Garson’s catalog, with the intention of bringing these bold masterpieces to a 21st century audience.

+ Supernatural and occult-themed electronic music from composer Mort Garson (Mother Earth’s Plantasia). 
+ Served as inspiration to contemporary artists from Coil to Oneohtrix Point Never. 
+ Remastered from the original master tapes. 
+ Orange vinyl limited to 3000 copies.

Tarot (4:22)
Sorcerer (3:56)
Deja Vu (3:22)
Astral Projection (5:14)
Seance (4:15)
I Ching (3:55)
Cabala (3:30)
The Unexplained (3:11)
Wind Dance (3:29)

Format /LP
Released /8th January 2021
Catalogue / SBR3034LPC1
Barcode / 853563129890
Artist / Mort Garson
Genre / Experimental
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