Audiobooks - Friends In The Bubble Bath Remixes [12"]

  • Audiobooks - Friends In The Bubble Bath Remixes [12"]

Audiobooks - Friends In The Bubble Bath Remixes [12"]


Released21st February 2019
Catalogue HVN501
Barcode N/A

Limited, white label 12" with four tracks, all remixes of Audiobooks' 'Friends in the Bubble Bath' track by - wait for it -

+ Gwenno
+ Gabe Gurnsey
+ David Wrench

Stoked for this one!

audiobooks are pleased to share a remix bundle for their latest single, ‘Friends in the Bubble Bath’. The release features two remixes by Gabe Gurnsey (Factory Floor) and one each from Welsh songstress Gwenno and audiobooks’ own David Wrench. “I love audiobooks, and 'Friends in the Bubblebath' is brilliant,” Gwenno says. “I wanted to create a reflective atmosphere around Evangeline and David's lyrics, to try and compliment the story and that feeling of the party still trying to keep going at 3am, as parties tend to do.”

“It was a real pleasure to be asked to remix audiobooks’ as I’m a big fan of theirs,” Gurnsey adds. “I wanted to take all that energy they exude vocally and musically and bring it onto the dance floor. I ended up working on two remixes which work side by side, reflecting that chemistry David and Evangeline have in their live performances.”

Talking about the source material, the band said, “It’s song about friendship, about living in the present, though still being aware of the transient nature of everything. But even when things pass, a skeletal memory remains which can still summon up a living essence. …. and enjoying bubble baths.”

A1. Gwenno Remix
A2. CBD Bath Oil Version
B1. Gabe Gurnsey's Gamma Ray Remix 
B2. Gabe Gurnsey's Bubble Bath Remix 

Artist audiobooks
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