Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari

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Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari

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InfoLP1st April

Peaking at number 32 on the album charts, Surfin' Safari was the Beach Boys' 1962 debut LP. The original 12-song track list, found here on side A, features the band's first two singles—"Surfin'" and "Surfin' Safari", while side B is made up primarily of rare outtakes from their 1961-62 Candix studio sessions. The two tracks, "Barbie" and "What Is a Young Girl Made Of?" were actually issued as a single in early 1962 under the name of Kenny & The Cadets, and feature a 20-year-old Brian Wilson on lead vocals.


1. Surfin' Safari
2. County Fair
3. Ten Little Indians
4. Chug-A-Lug
5. Little Miss America
6. 409

Side B

7. Surfin'

8. Heads You Win—Tails I Love
9. Summertime Blues
10. Cuckoo Clock
11. Moon Dawg
12. The Shift 

Artist Beach Boys