Becker & Mukai - Time Very Near

  • Becker & Mukai - Time Very Near

Becker & Mukai - Time Very Near


Released3rd April 2020
Catalogue SAS010
Barcode 5056032328952

Parisian cinema composer Jean-Gabriel Becker is best known for idiosyncratic soundscapes, has worked alongside Massive Attack on film soundtracks and recorded with John Foxx. Susumu Mukai, originally from Osaka, Japan, is one of London's most sought after musicians, whose list of collaborators includes Floating Points, Vanishing Twin, Alexis Taylor and Fimber Bravo. Together they've created fresh new music that floats effortlessly above traditional genre delineation, with a dubbed-out and experimental melange of modern acid house, post punk, global grooves and clattering beats.

Still not complying to genres Time Very Near is their spectacular new album, which gathers sounds and inspiration from an ever-expanding palette of influences, ass-embled into something amorphously intangible that's simultaneously refreshing and sharp, meandering and cosmic, futuristic but timelessly vintage.

1. Dark Field Of The Republic
2. Tout Azimuth
3. Spice War Part One
4. More Eyes
5. The Double
6. Stellar Surf
7. Phantom Limb
8. Time Very Near

Becker & Mukai - Time Very Near is currently priced at a special preorder rate and will revert to full price on release. The release date of 3rd April 2020 is estimated and subject to change.

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