Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were

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Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were

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InfoCD & LP20th October

I Forget Where We Were is released on Island and was produced by Ben and his drummer Chris Bond at Start Point Farm Studios in Devon.

Ben spoke to XFM rather than us about, here is what he said;

"The whole record, we sort of switched off from everyone and disappeared for a little bit," Ben explained. "There was a kind of breakthrough halfway through recording where we really switched off from everyone and it was like 'okay, don't pay any attention to anything in your head'.

"Obviously as a writer you're conscious of other people's opinions, even if they're not part of your train of thought, it's a presence there and so the best stuff kind of came when I switched off from that but realising that that was still a part of it."

I Forget Where We Were is the follow up to Ben's massive d’©but album, 2011's Every Kingdom, which sold more than a million copies, was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and led to Ben picking up two Brit Awards in 2012 for British Breakthrough and British Solo Male Artist.

"It's liberating to a certain degree to be able to put a track like [End Of The Affair] out and have people connect with it because you never know what people are going to connect with," Ben said of his new music.

"The first record, [I] never knew people were going to connect with that, especially not to the extent they did and to the point where we are now where people know all the songs on that first record. So it's really funny to do a new one and go 'what about this?'

"It's liberating to a certain degree, yeah."

Catalogue 4701039
Artist Ben Howard