Bernard Fevre - Suspense

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Bernard Fevre - Suspense

£12.99 £17.00

InfoLP11th May

Sound obsession, a label run by producer and DJ Kirk Degiorgio and artist manager and lawyer Mark Melton, are reissuing for the first time in 40 years 3 rare and in-demand albums by legendary and pioneering French electronic composer Bernard Fevre. These are amazing considering how long ago they were released.

Before Jean Michel Jarre and Oxygene there was Bernard Fevre. Forgotten electronic masterpieces that lay buried for years before being rediscovered by British electronic producers such as Aphex Twin and Chemical Brothers. The albums are so far ahead of their time that even now, people struggle to believe they were recorded 40 years ago.

Reissued on the fortieth anniversary of its creation ‘Suspense’ is a library LP of cinematic, proto-electro vignettes tied together with tense, dramatic melodies befitting of its title. Conceived in mid-1970's Paris, Suspense soundtracks an eerie motion picture that would never be made.

1. Weekee Way
2. On The Channel
3. Skeeze
4. Magnetic Spool
5. Mister Green
6. What Happens
7. Double Dream
8. Rocal System
9. Too Much Water
10. Contemplation Of The Mountains
11. Path Of Tomorrow

Artist Bernard Fevre