Bill Ryder-Jones - If...

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Bill Ryder-Jones - If...

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FormatCD & LP
Catalogue DS037CD

'If...' is the debut solo album from Bill Ryder-Jones (formally of The Coral).

Written as a tribute to Italian avant-garde author Italo Calvino's postmodern novel 'If On A Winter's Night A Traveller', 'If...' is mapped out as soundtrack inspired by the book.

Grand orchestral movements sit side by side with stark, nakedly emotional vocal pieces that weave a bleak but beautifully moving and always visceral narrative.

'If...' will appeal to fans of Max Richter and Hauschka's work as well as resonate with listeners seeking a similar quietude and often soaring work similar to those of Bon Iver and Smog.

The Reader (Malbork)
Leaning (Star Of Sweden)
By The Church Of Apollonia
Le Grand Desordre
The Flowers #3 (Lotus)
Give Me A Name
Some Absolute End (The End)

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